For the first time ever! PtravelsClub launches an exclusive journey in the super cars of Porsche – 718 GTS, straight from the production line in Stuttgart!

The GTS versions are equipped with an improved version, with a new suction system and an improved turbocharger of the 2.5-liter Boxer 4-cylinder S-Series. The improvements in the engine have increased the power by 15 hp to a maximum of 365 hp and the torque at 1.0 kg to a maximum of 43.8 kg. The engine is fitted to a double-clutch PDK 7-speed box with this box and chrono sports package (model standard). The 0-100 km/h acceleration is 4.1 seconds and the maximum speed is 290 km/h!

The Porsche’s 718 GTS models are standard with a Chrono sports package that includes mechanical differential lock and active shock absorbers with the ability to lower the chassis by ten millimeters. On the visual side, the GTS models distinguish themselves from the “simpler” models with a different and more aggressive design to the front and rear, along with the blackness of the headlights and the double exhaust pipe. In the passenger cabin, the GTS models make extensive use of Alcantara on the sports seats bearing the GTS logo, doors, steering wheel, etc. A clock has been installed to measure lap times and accelerations and GTS drivers will be able to use a dedicated application for analysis of the driving data.

The Porsche’s cars have always been a model of performance and a thrilling driving experience. They have starred in racing, and many Porsche models have become motor icons. Porsche invests heavily in constantly improving the driving experience of its models. The PtravelsClub team launches a new, colorful and refreshing adventure within the borders of Europe.