Frequently Asked Questions

When ordering the trip and choosing the desired date, the customer will pay a deposit of €1000 per person to ensure his participation in the journey. In order to place your booking, you need to send a registration form that you will get from us. Please prepare your passport and credit card details to complete the form.
Cancellation up to 7 days prior to the travel date - Without cancellation fees. Cancellation/Changes for any reason within 7 days prior to the travel date - A full cancellation fee (100%) of the transaction cost will apply.
We take great care in exploring the driving routes, restaurants and hotels to ensure our customers the most quality experience. We specialize in creating customized journeys tailored to our customer's specific needs, paying close attention to every little detail. We have the world's largest fleet of vehicles, the newest models that serve our clientele safely and faithfully under the maintenance and quality operation of Porsche manufacturer in Germany. We have an international team, financial department, sales, marketing and logistics, divisional managers and world-class instructors. At your service, two service vehicles that provide a constant response to any problem or need. The company and the team have experience of over 200 journeys in Europe! Your vacation - our responsibility! PtravelsClub
At your service, two service vehicles that provide a constant response to any problem or need. The staff and the vehicles will provide comprehensive on-road service and respond to any malfunctions or emergencies. The service vehicles are equipped with a cars detection system, an emergency service kit, 24/7 first aid on the road and will lead our customers safely on every journey.
The package price is for a single participant in a couple of package. Even when the partner does not hold a driver's license. For some trips, you can also purchase a single package or make changes to a couple package and upgrade to a single room (costs are listed in the journey price list).
We have the largest and most up-to-date fleet of vehicles in Europe right from Porsche's production line in Germany. Each year we boast with new vehicles adapted to the needs of the journeys. It is important to emphasize that our vehicles are not rented from the different rental companies and our customers enjoy a new and up-to-date vehicle fleet, in the model that guaranteed when registration. The company vehicles are owned by the company in cooperation with Porsche in Germany.
Yes, recommended over the age of 13. We offer thrilling journeys on the most beautiful roads in Europe, combined with luxury hotels, rich culinary and wonderful destinations. Over the years, quite a few fathers and mothers have attended with sons and daughters and shared a unique experience that has enhanced their relation, the scenery and the atmosphere of our journeys.
Drivers who are not yet 25 years old will not be able to participate in the journey as drivers.
Definitely! The trip is recommended for anyone who loves to combine the good life and flaunt a luxury adventure in the spirit of the Porsche brand. Along the journey, guests can expect an exciting experience in the most thrilling ways in the world and luxurious accommodation in unique luxury hotels.
We have a professional and international staff with us for many years. The staff undergoes a lot of training. We developed an exclusive method of guiding the vehicles on the road. The vehicles are equipped with advanced GPS systems that navigate the drivers to their destinations day by day. At the same time, we watch the vehicles on the road by means of a unique communication system installed in the team vehicles, enabling drivers to drive to their destinations under the professional supervision of the company's staff, the drivers have communication devices to communicate with the team and other participants during the journey.
As part of our services, to every trip joins by a dedicated vehicle and a logistics service team that takes care of your luggage on the ways from hotel to hotel. There is no need to bring luggage that fits the trunk of a Porsche vehicle.
A driver's license is required. A driver who appears without a valid driver's license will not be able to participate as a driver on the trip. It is the driver's duty to declare negation or disqualification before the journey. In addition, drivers must present a credit card for security to cover any damage, a deductible of up to €2500 in case of unfortunate damage and according to the agreement when accepting the vehicle, likewise payment of traffic reports and handling fees.
Yes, it is possible to purchase in advance full coverage insurance at the cost of €400 for the journey period.
Flights are not included, alcoholic beverage, personal expenses and personal traveling insurance (please notice that the activity does not require extreme insurance).
On our Luxury European Driving Tours, you do not have to stay together as a group, but you can if you want to. All our vehicles has the latest onboard touch screen navigation systems which is pre-programmed with our entire route to guide you to the next luxury hotel or attraction. Our tours are designed to be flexible and unrestricted. The main time we are together as a group is when we have dinner together in the evenings.
Most of our guests arrive at least one day early for our tours so they are refreshed and ready for the start of the tour. We collected for you a few recommendations for the best things to do in the city before the trip. You can find it on every journey page on the website.
In Germany, Austria and Switzerland it is possible to drive with your normal driver's license but Italy requires an International Drivers Permit. These are available at any AAA office for a small fee.
Some of our driving is in Germany on the world-famous Autobahn which has unrestricted sections that allow you to drive your Porsche 911 at very high speeds. The average speed on the Autobahn is approx 120 kph but in the unrestricted sections and depending on traffic conditions the cars are capable of 250 kph or more. However, in Switzerland, Austria and Italy the speed limit is 120 kph which is strictly enforced.