The elegant, modern and luxurious Hermitage Hotel in the heart of Monaco provides spectacular views of the iconic marina and seafront of Monte Carlo. The historic hotel offers a peaceful atmosphere since the early 19th century while also becoming a leading destination for wine connoisseurs. The hotel offers a Michelin-star restaurant with Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, in a chic and intimate environment with delicate and original flavors, creative cocktails, fine champagnes and a refined atmosphere in the “Crystal” bar. This is the ideal hotel to experience supreme comfort and tranquility in Monaco with an amazing 6,600 square meter spa that combines innovation, fitness and health. The interiors, the comfortable and modern rooms and the atmosphere of the hotel are designed in the style of Belle Époque (The Beautiful Age), a period considered a golden age in Europe (from the end of the 19th century until the First World War), thanks to the peace and stability that prevailed between the countries at that time and enabled development and prosperity in the fields of science, technology and art and led to modernization and a considerable improvement in the quality of life. The hotel offers charm and subtle elegance combined with impeccable quality service.