PtravelsClub is proud to present a prestigious journey to a range of fascinating destinations in Europe, including luxury mansions & villas with separate guest rooms in the glamorous French Riviera and along the Mediterranean bays, a luxurious spa with pool and massage rooms, hotel services and shared cocktail evenings and a private chef! A daily itinerary includes driving Porsche vehicles in the exciting driving routes of Europe, a variety of custom attractions including yachts, helicopters, winery tours and more. Prepare yourself to meet fascinating destinations in the spirit of the Porsche brand.


The French Riviera is known all over the world for its glamour and beauty. From the natural beaches and promenades of Cannes and Monaco to the lavender fields and the stunning medieval villages. The luxury villas bring the Riviera to a whole new level. From sleek finishes, through pools that proudly overlook magical vineyard views and the French Riviera bays to quality, colorful and modern furnishings.

A private journey for closed groups with fully customizable!

A private chef
Up to 8 pairs only
Driving in Porsche vehicles
A variety of custom attractions
Yachts, helicopters, winery tours and more
For more details, call the national call center Toll-Free: (866) 796-5650