For each of us, there are significant milestones in life, ones that symbolize something personal, a particular date or year that is more special than the rest. For my wife and me it is 2022, a year in which we both mark a jubilee year, of which exactly half of we walk together. Due to the significant and symbolic landmark, we decided to celebrate it uniquely. A journey with PtravelsClub folds into it every experiential and romantic element you can imagine. We set out on a journey.

From the balcony of the boutique hotel 7132 in the town of Vals in Switzerland, a pastoral view appears. The term pastoralism, literary describes a rural, idyllic, romantic and nostalgic lifestyle, emphasizing serenity, warmth and closeness to nature. His Swiss interpretation creates a landscape image – a postcard of mountains clad in bright green, country houses with brown roofs, in the background even higher mountains painted white, and only the bells of cows, the chirping of sheep and the chirping of birds, create a chorus that breaks complete silence. This serene and addictive pastoral appears as a complete antithesis to the thrill of producing 7,500 RPM, alongside the thunder of our orange Porsche 992 Cabriolet, which had ardor our senses only half an hour earlier, on the winding roads of one of Switzerland’s stunning mountain passes.

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In any healthy and solid relationship, it is important to occasionally get out of the stressful routine, and take small breaks. Spend time in a good restaurant, catch a weekend in a pampering hotel, and sometimes even go out to romantic places abroad that allow a lot of quality couple time, without the need to find ongoing solutions for children’s employment.

A Porsche journey across Europe cleverly combines all of these ingredients, upgrading this dish with some well-known ingredients (Porsche for example), alongside a number of secret ingredients (European-level service, allowing for total peace and worry-free) and what’s delicious. Especially delicious.

The overall experience gained allows for a complete detachment from everyday life, and there is something addictive about it, something that is very easy, maybe too easy even, to get used to. Beyond that, you may discover in your spouse during the journey a face you have not yet known; Throughout our 25 years of acquaintance, my wife has always refrained from asking or wanting to drive a car on our joint trips, and when it happened in a car with a sunroof, it always remained closed. “It makes me knots in my hair” or “I did not apply sunscreen” were most of the excuses.

The encounter with the Porsche and his “our” peony graves suddenly brought out a new melody. The knots in the hair were avoided by Porsche hats, sunscreen is not necessarily required, when outside it is caressing sun and 20 degrees Celsius, and suddenly the lady also asked to drive. After all, it is not every day that you drive a car like the Porsche 992 on the German Autobahn, in parts of which it has no speed limits. And so I found myself sitting next to her, driving at legal speeds though, only the silence was nice to them.

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Not every vehicle is suitable for such a journey. On the one hand, the thrill of driving an exotic branded sports car is required, one that knows how to polish turns and sharpen soles on the right driving roads. On the other hand, it is important that it allows for calm and pleasant driving and that it is easy to adapt and drive comfortably.

There are quite a few exotic brands where driving is very demanding, requires a high level of skill and peak concentration, and covering about 300-350 kilometers a day on average, can prove to be quite tiring. The Porsche turned out to be one that knows how to be stately and relaxed, especially when passing through painted villages while crawling around 30-50 kph, or just when it comes to slowing down and enjoying the scenery around and when wanting to take advantage of winding European roads, Where the 992 stretches arms and muscles, you can go out with it for an exciting and delightful waltz dance.

The parking lot on the minus 2 floors of the Westin Grand Hotel in Munich, looks like an M&M store for adults. 8 Porsche vehicles in various colors were waiting for us there, and to my delight, we received one in bright orange. The supportive seats, and the Porsche driver environment, immediately put me in a festive atmosphere, and it was hard to stop smiling. How fun to sit in a Porsche cockpit.

In a motor world where electricity is taking the stage at the expense of petrol and diesel, it’s fun to propel the Porsche, the one that will be mine for the next five days, at the turn of the knob to the left of the steering wheel. After all, the tradition does not change, even when switching to keyless propulsion. It has 6 cylinders, 385 horsepower with a pair of turbochargers, a meaty torque of 45.8 kg, a two-clutch PDK robotic gearbox with 8 front transmission ratios and the sound – oh, the sound! How fun to hear the boxer engine behind me wake up loudly, unlike silence accompanied by the caption Ready, as in electric vehicles or semi-electric vehicles.

Performance speaks of launching at 100 mph in 4.4 seconds, the push in the back with every pedal stroke is indeed very tangible, one that will probably satisfy the motor thrills of the vast majority of its target audience. As with Porsche, the final speed is not limited by the manufacturer, Stands at 293 km/h. On the German Autobahn I did not check it, but speeds close to it hinted to me that the figure was probably possible. At the same time, the real fun in the dynamic abilities of the animal from Stuttgart you will get on the winding road, where the Porsche react and gives accurate information about the front wheel angle (despite electric steering), and with exemplary road grip, just easy and delightful to fly from round to round, feel how Confidence grows and grows as you learn to dance with her, and increase your pace.

As in other sports cars, and in order to reduce the weight of the car, the equipment in the vehicle is relatively limited, especially for a car priced above the 7-digit threshold in shekels in Israel. The driver’s seat, for example, is only partially adjustable (backrest angle but not back / forward), some of the usual active safety systems are missing here (adaptive cruise control, dead space monitoring for example), but the luxurious cabin, multimedia screen and audio system are just great ( For hours when you feel like listening to music different from the one emanating from the exhaust clutch at the rear) and in general, high-quality and fairly fine materials are used here.

Fuel consumption is usually a secondary consideration for Porsche owners, which may change slightly today with current fuel prices. The 992 turns out to be quite economical, with an average consumption of over 10 km per liter, which is an impressive figure, especially given the size of the tires, especially the rear (width 295 mm). Porsche achieves economical fuel consumption due in part to very low engine speeds and cruising speeds. 80 km/h will be run at only 1,100 RPM, close to idle revolutions of the engine.

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Hotels & Culinary

The hotels they visit are so luxurious that it seems only natural to decorate the parking lot in front with a convoy of Porsche vehicles. For each of the hotels we stayed in, there is a story behind it. One belongs to a super exclusive hotel chain around the world (Kempinski). The other has the title of “one of the three best hotels in Switzerland” (The Chedi Andermatt). For a third-degree from one of the leading hotels in the world, with a large and impressive structure, huge rooms and entry with the vehicle directly into the lobby (Interalpen Tyrol). The fourth is a hotel built after a spectacular architectural design, which gives a level of indulgence that is difficult to compete with (7132).

We arrived at each of the hotels a few hours before dinner, so that we could enjoy everything that that hotel has to offer, whether it is different swimming pools, some of which overlook spectacular views, or the luxury spa facilities, whose name precedes them across Europe. Already in the entrance lobby to each of the hotels, guests are offered to choose between a glass of champagne, a tour of the various parts of the hotel and the spa facilities, or personal accompaniment until the room is received. The view from the balconies of each of the hotels is breathtaking and puts in a great atmosphere of relaxation. The rooms themselves are huge, luxurious and very well equipped, with beds that are hard to leave in the morning and extra large and luxurious bathrooms.

In each of the hotels, we enjoyed the varied cuisine, whether it was successful dishes at dinners or particularly rich breakfasts. In most hotels the fine cuisine is in the hands of a world-renowned chef, sometimes one adorned with reputed Michelin stars.

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The X Factor

The uniqueness of the Porsche journey across Europe is in the construction of an experience greater than the sum of its parts. These are not just the car, the hotel, the restaurant, or the view on the roads. It is this extra something, the X-Factor, that produces the serenity, the true couple vacation. No need to worry about anything. “Just Drive” assured the crew. Promised and fulfilled.

There will always be someone who will prepare 2 bottles of water for you in the car and the navigation map is calibrated to the next destination. The refueling stops will be carried out in an orderly manner without you being required to get out of the vehicle. You will not have to carry or take care of luggage, and they will be waiting for you in each of the hotel rooms throughout the journey. There will always be someone to warn of a speed camera beyond the turn, and also to tell where are the road sections where you can enjoy a little more of the dynamic benefits of the Porsche.

And yes, this journey continues to accompany you even after it is over. Even after returning to my country, I found myself suddenly pondering when to wait in the lobby, before heading out for another delightful day on the road. Many may define this experience as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but there remains a great taste of more.

Therefore, I will summarize in words – until next time.

Reporter: Tal Even

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