General Regulations - PtravelsClub (2013-2024)
Welcome to the luxury travel club of PtravelsClub. Here you will find our general terms and conditions, registration details, cancellation policy, participation rules, use of the vehicles, insurance and more. Please read the terms carefully and if you have any questions on any subject our team will be at your service. We wish you a pleasant and safe vacation, PtravelsClub.ש

Registration & Payment
1. When booking the trip the customer will pay a deposit of €1,000 per participant to ensure his participation in the trip.
2. The payment arrangement will be determined according to the date of registration and in accordance with the Company's accounting policy.
3. The payment will be determined according to the highest selling price on the payment date.

Cancellations & Changes
1. Up to 30 working days before the trip – €2,000 cancellation fees.
2. Between 30 and 7 working days before the trip – a 50% cancellation fee will apply.
3. Within 7 working days before the trip – a 100% cancellation fee will apply.
4. Canceling or changing the date or upgrading the flight or changing the destination or passenger name on the flight ticket will be subject to the airline’s terms and conditions.
5. Cancellation during the journey:
A. A customer who requests to leave the trip before it ends for any reason will not receive any refund.
B. A customer who wishes to leave the trip before it ends will pay by himself for each trip to the desired destination or for changing flights or hotels that are not part of the journey.
C. A customer who wishes to leave the journey before its end will bear the costs of transporting the vehicle to the end point of the journey, up to the amount of €500.

Terms of use of the Vehicle
1. Every driver must have a valid international driver's license and drive in accordance with the restrictions of his license. The age of the driver shall not be less than 25 years.
2. Every driver is required to present a driver's license upon receiving the vehicle. A driver without a driver's license will not be able to drive the vehicle.
Every driver is required to obey the laws of the state in which he drives. The responsibility for knowing the traffic laws in the relevant country rests with the driver.
No use of the Company's vehicles will be permitted beyond the pre-determined operating hours, including urgent or private trips.
The operating hours will be determined by the company or someone on its behalf and the company reserves the right to change and adjust the times of use of the vehicle from time to time.
From the moment the vehicle is received, the vehicle and all assemblies related to it, including the radios and the navigation device, will be the only responsibility of the customer.
Smoking is strictly prohibited in the company vehicles. A driver will not leave an open vehicle unattended. At every exit from the vehicle, make sure that the roof is closed and the vehicle is locked.
The company will not be responsible for any personal equipment of the customer including personal equipment in vehicles.

1. The company's vehicles are covered by comprehensive, compulsory and third-party insurance.
2. A deductible in the unfortunate event of any damage regardless of guilt will be in the amount of €3,500.
The following damages will not be covered by the insurance company:
A. Malicious damage.
B. Damages due to improper use of the vehicle such as leaning on the vehicle, standing on the seats, etc.
C. Damage to the plastic or the windshield of the vehicle due to the installation or gluing of cameras or various catches.
D. Damage due to smoking in vehicles.
E. The lower body of the vehicle.
F. Theft in case of negligence on the part of the customer.
4. Vehicles are equipped with walkie-talkies and a navigation system. In case of loss or theft of any of the devices, the customer will be charged a deductible of €200.
It is possible to purchase in advance a car deductible insurance in €800.

Baggage Transport Procedure
1. The team will provide you with a luggage transportation service from hotel to hotel and throughout the journey by a dedicated luggage vehicle. Each passenger is allowed to bring baggage in accordance with the restrictions and policies of the airlines. Unloading and loading luggage will be the responsibility of the staff.
2. The company undertakes to collect the customer's luggage from the hotel and bring it to the hotel.
In any case of damage caused to the customer's luggage, the company will not bear any responsibility and will not compensate him for any damage caused to his luggage. the company recommends purchasing travel insurance that includes coverage for damages to the luggage.

4. In any case of loss of luggage, the customer will be compensated in a total and one-time amount of €200 per suitcase regardless of its contents.
The customer undertakes that when the luggage is transported by the company, no prohibited materials or products that are subject to customs payments will be found in his luggage during border crossings. In the event that anything prohibited will be found in the customer's luggage - his name and personal details will be reported to the authorities.

Accident or Malfunction
1. In any unfortunate event of damage to the vehicle due to an accident or malfunction in the vehicle including a flat tire, the company undertakes to provide a replacement Porsche model from the company's range models within 24 hours from the malfunction, without any compensation from the company.
2. If the company is unable to provide the customer with a Porsche vehicle within 24 hours, the customer will be compensated in a total and one-time amount of €1,000.
3. During the 24 hours from the moment of the accident or malfunction, the customer will be accompanied by one of the leading staff members in the staff service vehicle.

Ways Procedures
1. The company will provide the customer with a journey catalog that includes daily details regarding the ways in which the journey goes. At the same time, the company will not undertake any unexpected change in the route of the journey resulting from any force majeure or constraints such as weather or road accident or closure of roads or meeting the schedules of the journey.
2. The customer undertakes to exercise extreme caution throughout the journey and to comply with traffic laws including parking vehicles in lawfully permitted areas.
The customer undertakes not to deviate from the path set by the company.
4. The customer undertakes to obey the instructions of the leading team on the road.

The Culinary during the Journey
1. The culinary on the journeys have been carefully selected for a group adaptation out of a desire to provide a rich and wide variety of flavors that distinguish a local cultures and cuisines.
2. The company undertakes to provide the customer with 3 meals a day (full board). Breakfast at the hotel, lunch at roadside restaurants and dinner at the hotel.
The company is committed to providing the customer with two choices at each meal. In the main course, any change in the built-in and pre-ordered menu will charge the customer for the same order.
The company will provide only soft drinks during meals. The company will not bear the costs of any alcohol products ordered by the customer.
5. The menus during the trip are booked and paid for in advance. If the customer chooses to adapt a meal to his taste, the customer will bear the cost of the meal.

Traffic Offenses & Reports
1. Wherever the customer violates the traffic laws, the customer will bear all the costs involved in the same offense by the authorities, including fines, towing, delays or disabling the vehicle the authorities.
2. Camera fines: every customer is required when receiving the vehicles to present a credit card which will be used to collect fines automatically if there are such up to 12 months from the end of the journey.
The company will charge the credit card of the customer specified in the contract regardless and clarification regarding the identity of the driver. If two credit cards are presented, the cards will be charged in the same distribution.
The client will bear a handling fee in addition to the cost of the fine of €50 per report.
If the company needs legal expenses for the purpose of releasing the vehicle or towing the vehicle or any other legal treatment, all costs will be paid by the customer only.

Permission to use
Except for your personal use, you may not copy, transfer, distribute or store the contents of the site, in part or in full, temporarily or permanently, in any form, without the consent of PtravelsClub in advance and in writing and is subject to the terms of the same permission. This agreement only gives you permission to use the site and services. No commercial use may be made of the site or the data published on the site.

Accommodation in Hotels
Our luxury journeys is hosted in a variety of luxury hotels in Europe (5 stars) according to the layout detailed on the journeys pages. The accommodation includes spa access, Wi-Fi, breakfast and dinner consisting of a closed menu tailored to the group. Most luxury hotels in Europe do not offer Twin Beds. Therefore, customers will have to share a Double Bed with separate bedding (subject to hotel policy). Any change or other service including room upgrade on the part of the customer will be subject to the hotel's policies and conditions only and subject to availability at the time of the request.