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Dear drivers, please read carefully the following details:

Our trips conducted in the company's sports vehicles, under legal road conditions and according to road safety rules. We will seek to adhere to traffic laws and maintain a legal and safe pace for the sake of proper and responsible conduct on the roads. Drivers who will drive irresponsibly are subject to fines and also to disqualification from driving in Europe in exceptional cases. Here is important information for the proper conduct of the journey:

Meeting point and summary

Our team will be waiting for you at Motorworld München complex in Munich. Please arrive independently by 10:30 am. Gathering for registration, breakfast, initial meeting with the journey vehicles, briefing about the first destination, effective operation of the vehicle and road safety rules. The trip ends at the complex on the last day until 16:00 pm.

Motorworld München:
Am Ausbesserungswerk 8, 80939 München, Germany

Terms of use in the company's vehicles

» At the time of registration, it is mandatory to present a valid driver’s license.
» At the time of registration, it is mandatory to present a credit card for security only.
» The customer will undertake to take all possible precautions to keep the vehicles. Vehicles will not be allowed to be used beyond operating hours.
» It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the vehicles. A driver will not leave an open vehicle unattended. When leaving the vehicle, make sure that the roof is closed.
* A driver who does not present a valid driver’s license will not be able to participate in the journey as a driver.
* It is mandatory to report on any revocation of a driver’s license before you arrive on the trip.

Car Insurance | Deductible

» The company’s vehicles are covered by comprehensive, compulsory and third party insurance. In any unfortunate event of damage to the vehicle including windshields, tires, rims or undercarriage, and for any malfunction or damage caused to the vehicle during the journey, the customer will have to pay a deductible of €2500. Prior to the trip or at the time of registration, it will be possible to purchase deductible insurance in the amount of €400 per vehicle.
» The following damages will not be covered by the insurance company: Malicious damages or improper use | Damage due to smoking in the vehicles | Damage to the lower body of the vehicle | Damage to plastics and / or windshields of the vehicle due to the installation or gluing of cameras or catches of various kinds | Theft in case of negligence on the part of the customer.
» Walkie-talkies and navigation system are installed in the vehicles. In case of loss or theft of any of the devices, the customer will be charged a deductible of €200.

Day 1 | Germany - Austria

Welcome to the Bavarian capital. Crossing the city of Munich and connecting to the world’s fastest freeway – the Autobahn. Munich will be the opening for the Tyrol region and the nature shows. Driving with pure pleasure to the first luxury hotel and a celebratory chef-style dinner.

Trip Length: 140 km
Hotel: Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol

Day 2 | The Alps - Switzerland

It’s the day to put your driving skills to the test, between exciting roads and driving with pure pleasure. The Ofen Pass is the entrance ticket to the Alps in Switzerland. continuing through the Fluela Pass – one of the most exciting roads in the world, ending in the town of Davos.

Trip Length: 300 km
Hotel: AlpenGold Hotel Davos

Day 3 | Engadin Valley - Switzerland

The magical Engadin Valley is a paradise for nature lovers. Lakes, mountain peaks, gleaming glaciers, cascading waterfalls, picturesque villages – all these create a dreamy and unusual landscape, on the way to the leading luxury hotel in Switzerland.

Trip Length: 200 km
Hotel: The Chedi Andermatt

Day 4 | Switzerland - Austria

Starting the day with the picturesque views of the Swiss Alps and a spectacular climb up the Oberalp Pass, a fascinating and challenging road. The amazing boutique hotel will welcome you with the Porsche car you are driving into the lobby itself.

Trip Length: 300 km
Hotel: Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol

Day 5 | The Autobahn Adventures

Driving north to Germany via the world’s fastest highway – the Autobahn, which will lead us safely to the suburbs of Munich and the Ingolstadt brands outlet for quality shopping. About a hundred stores of the best companies and brands, arranged in a nice and well-kept complex, in a prestigious and pleasant atmosphere.

Trip Length: 150 km

* PtravelsClub will not commit to any unexpected change in the planned route of the journey resulting from any force majeure or due to constraints, weather, road traffic and closed roads in Europe. Likewise, the team is responsible for making any changes and adjustments in favor of proper conduct and meeting timetables. We will do our best to lead you safely and with pure pleasure to the promised destinations.


Night 1 | Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol

The hotel is surrounded by the impressive Alps and offers an award-winning 3,600 m2 spa and 3 pools that combine perfect views, tranquility and relaxation.

About the hotel

Night 2 | AlpenGold Hotel Davos

The luxury hotel set in the Swiss Alps at the foot of the Flüela Pass, boasts spectacular panoramic views of Europe’s tallest town – Davos.

About the hotel

Night 3 | The Chedi Andermatt

The exclusive hotel in Switzerland is located in a quiet area in the town of Andermatt which is in the heart of the magical nature of the Swiss Alps.

About the hotel

Night 4 | Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol

The mountain roads bring you closer to the dream destination of your vacation – The Interalpen. a typical Alpine hotel located in the heart of a nature reserve.

About the hotel

We recommend bringing comfortable driving shoes, an elegant appearance for dinners, a swimsuit, a car phone charger, a USB with personal music, cameras and a personal bag for important documents.

Baggage | Weather | Communication | Currency | Time

» Each trip is accompanied by a dedicated luggage vehicle and a logistics service team that takes care of transporting the luggage on the road. It is recommended to mark luggage with an identification tag in English.
» The weather during the trip is expected to be 16-20 degrees during the day and 6-10 degrees at night (℃). It is recommended to bring warm clothing.
» You must be equipped with a mobile package adapted to the countries in the journey. The team will update important details throughout the journey.
» It’s advisable to use Euro and an international credit card.
» New York time is 6 hours ahead of Germany time.


Simply Amazing Trip!

Everything was planned to details, The staff was available to us at any moment... Thank you for a fascinating week!

Simply A Dream!

The journey was amazing, the roads, the breathtaking views, the hotels and of course the experience of driving in the Porsche 911! Waiting for next year.

Words cannot describe!

Words cannot describe this amazing journey! After waiting a few months the big moment came. Thanks for everything!

Amazing hotels!

We would like to thank you for everything! There is no doubt that we have acquired better and safer driving tools.